Williams Daughter

Singer, songwriter, musician and artist. Born and raised in rural Ontario with a wandering mind and an artistic gravitation; Williams Daughter finds herself merging music and art to “warm your soul, heal your heart or inspire your mind” as she puts it.

In 2021 this folk-pop inspired singer-songwriter released her first Ep The Wanderer Project. Upon the release of “Wildflower” a single released in early spring, the convergence of her artistic expression is witness with her self filmed stop motion lyric video. Combining this Taylor Swift-esque folk-pop ballad with imagery and handwritten journal notes, She somehow tells of heartbreak and leaves you hopeful.

Touching on topics such as self growth, nostalgia, family and nature: Nicole (as she’s referred to by most) is known to be lighthearted, expressive and down-to-earth. She currently resides in St. Mary’s, Ontario where she’s developing fresh ideas for music and art, performing regularly through the summer at various markets and events.

Williams Daughter has been featured on Spotify playlist “Sounds Canadian” and performed livestream events through IndistryTV, The Shot Canada, PTSD The Truth Behind the Smile, Sounds on the Couch and more.

Find her on all social media channels: facebook/instagram/youtube: @williamsdaughtermusic


The Wanderer Project

Williams Daughter

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Debut EP from Williams Daughter. Dreamy and whimsical- this singer-songwriter carves her own path by writing it down and letting it out. Recurring themes of love, nostalgia, life and struggles are to be found in this journey of an album. Just as she intended, this album is for "The wanderers who're running wild"

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Crush on You

Williams Daughter

Williams Daughter layers tension, sex and intimacy in her alt-pop track ‘Crush on you.’ Warm and soulful vocals combined with bendy and gentle guitar harmonies you are transported to a smoky bar, with touches of country, blues and rock and roll. The contrast between the innocent lyrics and sensual delivery is hypnotic and satisfying.
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  1. Crush on You


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Name: Nicole VanMassenhoven

Email: nicole@williamsdaughtermusic.com

Facebook, YouTube & Instagram: @williamsdaughtermusic